September 24, 2014

Staffing Services

Are you in need of experienced professionals who can join your team and make an immediate impact?


We can deliver within the best delays !

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to customize staffing solutions to meet their needs through the following services:
  • Contract & Temporary Placement
    We provide a flexible workforce that can quickly and easily expand or contract with your workload
through a supply of:
– Self-employed consultants
– Specialists
– Long and short-term project teams
  • Permanent Placement
    We fill positions at all levels; from junior to executive management for Permanent Search:
– Professional staff
– Senior management
Learn more about our Permanent Placement services
  • Customized Services
    We create staffing programs that are designed to meet your unique needs through:
– Project management services
– Business process integration services
– Database management
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  • Candidate Testing
    Our professional recruiters can effectively and efficiently test and evaluate candidates by offering:
– Customized testing
– Computerized testing facilities
– Validated testing
– Accurate skill level measurement
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  • Contractor Payroll Services
    We place your direct contractors on Impararia Staffing’s payroll.
Benefits of this service include the following:
– Reducing accounting and benefits costs
– Minimizing potential difficulties with employer and employee relationships
– Eliminating client’s liabilities for termination, severance, wrongful dismissal, etc.
– Indemnifying clients on Payroll Tax IssuesLearn more about our Payroll Services for Contractors