Impararia aims to utilize its extensive experience in the Aerospace & Defense industry to support Architectural firms, Project Management companies, Contractors, and other AEC professionals in delivering the finest version of their projects.

Driven by the latest technology (Dassault Systèmes & Autodesk) and boasting several years of experience in the field, with a solid team of professionals eager to utilize their skills, Impararia has a wide range of services made to support your AEC business endeavors. These services include:  

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Integration
Transform the way you visualize and coordinate current building systems by obtaining an integral virtual construction model. The proposed model would be composed of various file formats received from the multiple disciplines involved in the project (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, structure...). Design integration can help eliminate building system clashes that would otherwise go unseen before the construction phase, and allows you to better coordinate each building system with accordance to the other. Our services include 3D modeling support and integration, building system coordination, clash analysis and RFIs.
3D Parametric Modeling
Impararia has a skilled team of professionals proficient in the latest 3D parametric modeling (BIM) tools . Services include high-definition 3D modeling, scripts redaction, Functional Tolerancing Annotation (FTA), multidisciplinary georeferenced 3D modeling support and computational design. Impararia can also act as a Design Integrator for complex or modular projects, and is capable of creating personalized parametric libraries for Revit, CATIA, Solidworks and AutoCAD projects. Libraries include standard, parametric and contextual parts, as well as intelligent and adaptable models. Modeling support can range from simplistic designs to complex facades & prefabrication models.
PLM/BLM (Product/Building Lifecycle Management)
We offer project and design management, planification, cost estimation,quantity schedule & RFI Management,data management and process execution services to help you manage your project from pre-conceptual design to building lifecycle & facilities management. Additionally, processes can be digitalized on a PLM platform, such as 3DEXPERIENCE, which grants accessibility to selected project participants. Data segregation strategies can also be implemented to ensure confidentiality and intellectual property requirements conformity. Project tasks, GANTT charts, and other pertinent information can be centralized and managed by project leads in a PLM platform. We also implement Lean Construction strategies based on value stream mapping and the 5S System.
Our simulation services include Constructibility Analysis, Simulation (structural, thermal or fluidal) and Optimization. Impararia can create 4D models to simulate and plan virtual construction, using tools such as Navisworks, Delmia, CATIA and 3DVia.
Mobile Technology
Configuring systems to allow you to track project progress, view daily reports and get updated on site-related issues wherever you may be in the world is part of our expertise. Impararia ca create lightweight versions and renderings of your models (3DSMax, PDF3D), perfect for quickly and efficiently visualizing the projects during client demonstrations and business meetings.
Interoperability & Data Conversion
We offer interdisciplinary coordination, including clash & accessibility analyses and constructibility evaluations for any given model format (Revit, Civil 3D, CATIA, Solidworks,...). Furthermore, multidisciplinary work can result with numerous 2D and 3D file formats being generated, some unreadable by your current software. Impararia provides data conversion and quality assurance services for various file types, such as RVT,CATIA, 3DS (Environment), STEP, IFC, Civil 3D, ...Impararia also offers design analysis via STL model conversions to optimize designs. Models converted to STL formats can be analyzed in programs such as Flow 3D (for hydraulic analysis).
Virtual Reality
Our virtual reality services include 3D realtime visualization and immersive 3d model virtual tours. 3D virtual reality models can allow clients to visualize their projects, simulate the installation of equipment and detect ergonomic or transportation problems.
Technological Support
Impararia can provide technological and technical support for any difficulties encountered when using applications or implementing IT infrastructures. Support includes needs analysis, infrastructure dimensioning, advice in selecting BIM/VDC applications and collaboration and data management platforms, deploying and monitoring IT infrastructures, installing and configuring servers and workspaces, installing physical accelerators and softwares to increase performance and analyze the IT infrastructure's performance problems and propose an action plan. We offer multilingual support by phone, on site, or remote support via computer.
Customized Applications
Personalized applications can help accomplish a number of tasks, including automating repetitive tasks, data extraction (towards Excel, for example), design environment management (standards, ...). Add-ons can be developed for applications such as Revit,Navisworks,CATIA and AutoCAD.
Point Cloud
Impararia offers 3D reconstruction services using cloud points and photography (drone). We are also qualified in processing 3D data such as aerial or terrestrial scan readings (LIDAR, Geo Radar,...).
Work with knowledgeable instructors in quiet classroom settings utilizing sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world, practical applications. The training sessions are given online, at out premises or at our client’s desired location. Our courses are based on the progressive functional learning of our applications. Our certified Autodesk trainers guarantee you a quality training session in line with the latest software release. Training is available for a wide-range of Dassault Systèmes and Autodesk applications.

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Staffing Services
Are you in need of experienced professionals who can join your team and make an immediate impact? We work hand-in-hand with our clients to customize staffing solutions that meet their needs.

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