Connector For Revit™ Powered by 3DEXPERIENCE™
The Connector for Revit® utilizes a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform to manage Revit® Building Information Modeling(BIM) data, creating a powerful management solution for every stage of the project.

The Connector for Revit® is a segment of a broader work methodology which aims to revolutionize the way we manage, organize, approve, revise, control and secure AEC data. The Connector for Revit also allows users to export a light version of their model (CGR) and visualize it directly within the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Designers can also share their works without compromising data integrity, all from within the Revit® User Interface. The Connector for Revit® is the ideal collaborative tool for managing the daily workflow of any AEC project.
Worksets to Linked Files
The Workset to Linked Files application automatically extracts and segregates worksets found in a Revit model into separate.rvt files and relinks them together in a Master Revit File. In essence, the geometry found in each workset will be placed in a separate file.

The user can redistribute specific portions of the virtual model to subcontractors without giving them access to the entire model. This capability also allows designers to share approved systems before the model is finalized, allowing work to commence earlier, saving you both time and money. Furthermore, this application grants users a better control over who can visualize what, as well as implements a new working method based on on-site building sequences rather than models generated by disciplines.