August 22, 2011


Impararia Solutions 

Experts in CAD and PLM for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry in Canada and Europe 

IMPARARIA original’s aim was to provide training services and assistance for a wide range of software products. With Building Information Modeling processes on the rise in the construction industry, Impararia’s founders felt propelled to investigate this trend, its potential use and application in AEC projects. Four years of research and development were invested in the management of BIM data using diverse testing techniques, ranging from the development of various computer software solutions to real-life test case scenarios. These 4 years purely constituted of R & D meant that key knowledge was being acquired by our researchers at an exponential rate. Working methods, data management, processes, software development, coding; all are but examples of areas in which Impararia’s experts have efficiently solved countless simplistic and more complex problems that may occur during a construction project. One of the company’s objectives is to offer concrete, customized services that satisfy its clients’ needs. Having this approach in mind, the team reinforced its strategy by recruiting experts in the CAD and PLM field in Canada and Europe for over 10 years, allowing Impararia to acquire integrity, credibility and a strong customer base reference in the AEC industry.

Impararia Solutions is a SCIPE group entity with the following principal expertise 

  • Lifecycle Management of Products in the aerospace and automobile industries
  • Execution of performance audits, counseling, management of PLM projects and portfolios
  • Infrastructure definition process and IT implementation

About S.C.I.P.E. Group

For the past 15 years, Scipe group has worked with major market leaders in the Canadian aerospace industry, with a staff size of approximately 100 employees. This affiliation drives us to continuously offer astounding quality services with vision essentially based on the clients’ needs. 
Impararia Solutions benefits from the experience gained from the projects conducted in the aforementioned industry and from its teams. We currently specialize in the BIM sector, particularly in Data Management through PLM for AEC.


The first research project led the company to develop a collaborative working method allowing multidisciplinary groups to work on a common model, all while resolving the following points:

  1. Eliminating the need for coordination meetings
  2. Creating a flawless traceability technique for data and modifications
  3. Managing visibility accesses for editing and validation
  4. Taking into account your validation process

 For a list of our collaborative services, Click Here.

PLM Management for an AEC Project

Once the project coordination and implementation of BIM data complete, came the question as to how to optimize the company’s information in its entire process.
With a solid knowledge base acquired in the field of aeronautics, the research program was based on three concepts:

  • Transfer and adapt the PLM knowledge acquired in the aeronautics sector to that of the construction sector
  • Put forth a cutting edge technology and a new approach to the AEC sector
  • Avoid “reinventing the wheel”


The initial aim of Impararia, that is, that of a certified training center, is still a solid branch of our company. Trainers guaranteed by our Autodesk Certified Associate (CA), Certified Professionals (CP), and Certified Instructors (ACI) are available on site, at our client’s desired location, or online to provide quality courses for those wishing to learn from scratch or advance their skills in a wide range of programs.

Impararia is brand agnostic; we are not a licence retailer for any software, and work as an independent company. Our solution processes are therefore composed of knowledge extracted and tested with caution and care during our research and development phase, harmonised with the best software tool available on the market to execute the respective solution.

Our affiliations, however, can benefit our clients by providing them competitive rates for professionals seeking to acquire software licences.

Today, 30% of our time is dedicated to ongoing research projects conducted in our laboratory, thus allowing us to insure the best PLM Management Solution for your BIM Data.

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