October 7, 2014

Coastal Logic – testLogic


PLM Testing – Automated

testLogic enables scheduled, automated test cases to be run on existing environments in stating or production, to simulate real-world use cases and eliminate human error and inconsistency in your versioning and update processes.

How can you guarantee that a change introduced today will not break something that was implemented long ago (and is relied upon by your users)?  During an upgrade, how can you be sure that the new system handles all of the real-life cases that the old system did, and in the same way?  Are the interactions between your systems reliably and regularly tested to confirm that they are still working proplerly?  Our ENOVIA integration testLogic provides a systematic, automated solution to these problems, and many more.

New Features:

  • Compatible with Dassault Systèmes’ ENOVIA V6 PLM 2.0 – the latest ENOVIA V6 platform
  • Administrators can create and modify test cases to be run on a regular basis
  • Robust error reporting for troubleshooting issues encountered in testing
  • Full control over scheduling and hands-free automation for user scenarios
  • Leverages modern Robotic Process Automation software to effectivly emulate human behaviors within the PLM system
  • Can automate Thick Client, Thin Client, and MQL activities
  • Repeatable testing framework ensures that the same tests are run the same way every time
  • Effectively documents your supported use cases by providing a comprehensive test plan
  • Automatically detects defects in your PLM system and notifies administrators so that they can take action while the change is still fresh
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