October 7, 2014

Coastal Logic – Spool Logic


New Version 4.0! spoolLogic is a standalone batch printing and stamping application that allows users across a network to print or zip hundreds of document types without first opening them in a viewer or the native application. It also provides administrators with strict control over printing and stamping parameters. 

Using a simple XML “job ticket” virtually unlimited files can be processed in a single print request. Included with spoolLogic is our ActiveX COM object and Java Class for creating job tickets, or use your own method from any file or database system such as EMC Documentum, Open Text, etc., then pass the job files off to spoolLogic for processing. You may also contact us about creating a custom integration.

spoolLogic provides tremendous flexibility, simple management, and uses few resources, resulting in significant savings in hardware and administration costs. It can run multiple times on a single machine as distinct instances*, and can be set to run on the same or separate processors while still maintaining completely distinct processing parameters. *(A separate license is required for each instance.)

spoolLogic 4.0 Features include:

  • HTML file printing
  • Printing Outlook Messages (msg) and Attachments
  • Space Number priority settings
  • AutoSize – automatically determine the best size paper from the selected printer
  • Paperspace – set parameters for controlling the output from files with both 2D and 3D contents
  • Spreadsheet printing capabilities
  • Zip files instead of printing them – create zip archives of printable files. 
  • Remote Monitoring – remotely monitor status
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