October 7, 2014

Coastal Logic – editLogic


Increase efficiency with ENOVIA MatrixOne Developer’s Editor.

ENOVIA MatrixOne Features
editLogic allows you to open, edit and save Program Code directly to Matrix without ever opening the Business application or issuing a single line of MQL. It includes custom interfaces for creating and editing Programs and JPOs (including compilation), creating, editing and cross-referencing eService Triggers, viewing AEF Mapping information, and much more. 

Complete Developer’s Editor
editLogic is a full-function developer’s editor. Among its many features are multiple languages syntax highlighting, (including Java/JavaScript, TCL/MQL, HTML, XML), brace matching, keystroke macros, commenting/uncommenting, line numbering, and bookmarks. 

Additional Benefits

  • Efficient interfaces for common Matrix tasks 
  • Automatic or manual Versioning using your Matrix database 
  • Password and Matrix privilege security 
  • Compatible with all Matrix versions 
  • Eliminates the need to switch between code editors, MQL, Business Admin and Matrix

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