October 17, 2014

Autodesk Certifications

Certification programs

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Validate your current Autodesk skills and knowledge by acquiring an Autodesk certificate. Autodesk Certifications can help you in your quest for a new career by certifying your skills to future employers. 







Autodesk Certified User

Verifies entry-level skills in key Autodesk products. Designed for students and instructors who wish to demonstrate basic proficiency. Curriculum, courseware, and exams offered for independent study or institutional integration.

Advanced Certified Professional

Validates more advanced skills, including complex workflow and design challenges. Designed for students seeking a competitive advantage in a specific product area. Take the exam.


Autodesk Certified Specialist

Validates mastery of an Autodesk Suite. Created for students with advanced skills across a range of products, using advanced workflows.Take the exam.